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Funktsioonkalkulaator CASIO FX-220+

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Funktsioonkalkulaator CASIO FX-220+
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2- realine ekraan 181 funktsiooni Patarei AA (R6) Mõõdud: 7,8x15,5x2,0cm New: S.V.P.A.M. New: Random Integer New: Mode/menu settings for contrast and auto power off 18 levels of parenthesis Fraction calculations Percentage calculations Sexagesimal to decimal conversion and vice versa Trigonometric and invers trigonometric functions Hyperbolic and invers hyperbolic functions Common and natural logarithms Exponents Square roots, Cube root, Square, Reciprocal and Factorial Random numbers Rounding Statistics Engeneering notation Specification of the number of decimal places or significant digits (FIX, SCI) Exponential Display format (Norm1/2) Polar/Rectangular conversions Permutation and combination Standard deviation "
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